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Licensing and Royalties

How much can you charge for “renting” your invention to be marketed and manufactured?


How much does your invention cost and what factors are taken into account when pricing an invention?

Technology Search

Do you have a technical or production problem? Discover the patented technology on the market

Potential Buyers

Discover potential buyers for your invention. Having these potential buyers identified is crucial for selling or licensing your invention.

Sales Dossier

A correct presentation of the invention to potential buyers is essential for the successful commercialisation of the invention.

State of the Art Search

Proving that your invention meets the legal requirements is important when you want to sell or license a patent.

Competition Report

Who are the main competitors and what do they have protected in the market?

Contracts Legal advice

Legal support from the beginning to the end of the process is essential to be protected.

International Strategy

Is your patent extension period running out? Report countries where to extend or sell it.

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